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LIfe is Sweet

13 Mar '16

Rockefellar - the machine

Posted by Stacy Krems

We thought we'd actually write a blog from time to time to share with you tidbits about our fun journey together. It's a little insight into our daily life and well, hopefully can make you smile and get to know us a little. So here goes:

What we do isn't that sexy. But honestly, being in our 40's, the whole sexy thing is overrated. We're more into laughing, eating and having fun.

That's exactly what this amazing tool, machine, or "Rockefeller" provides for us. It definitely makes us laugh, especially for Kurt. He's the tool guy who just "gets" stuff. He's like McGyver. Give him a band-aide and he can build an island. But me, not so much. I'm the people person so learning how to maneuver around this giant machine was a bit daunting. Learning the X vs Y, jog, job, blah blah blah. 

The most common question we get is "how do you make these adorable rolling pins"? 

We have amazing machines made by a Colorado company that specializes in  laser engraving machines. They have various types of machines will all kinds of bells and whistles. Being a non machine type of gal, I can even appreciate the capabilities of this machine and what it can do. 

We use a special type of design software where we create the scene and the machine engraves it. 

You want a picture of an alien holding a bag of groceries balancing on one foot while jumping rope? This machine can laser engrave it. 

Perhaps you want a bulldog holding hands with a butterfly playing in a meadow? This machine can laser engrave it.

It can engrave on wood, leather, acrylic, glass and I'm sure much more. It's only limit is truely your imagination.  For now, we are using it for our sweet rolling pins.