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LIfe is Sweet

22 Mar '16

Sweet Rolling Pins - why the name?

Posted by Kurt Krems

If you're anything like me...you like to outsource.

Someone once told me that if you're not good at something, learn how to do it or outsource it. I opt for the latter. But when it comes to creating a website, I can't outsource it because my husband is actually a software engineer. Darn it. He doesn't have time to do it but I do. Double darn.

So what you see here is hours upon hours of editing, taking picture after picture and writing after re-writing. Kudos to those who can whip these websites out of thin air, it'a true talent and I admire it!

So many folks are now asking, why the new name? Incorporating the words "rolling pins" is a no brainer but adding the "sweet" in actually is what makes us smile. It's a double entendre and there is no way you can say the word "sweet" and think of something just that. Is there such a thing as a triple or quadrouple entendre? That might be more fitting. 

What you make with our pins can be sweet. Take a cookie for example, that can be sweet. Even if you burn the cookie and give them to someone, undoubtedly they will think the gesture is...you got it...sweet. By just being in the kitchen may remind you of your summers spent with grandma who lo and behold....was sweet. You can be baking in the kitchen with your children making an absolute mess with flour and sugar coating your floors - one day this will be a sweet memory. I can go on and on. 

Perhaps what resonates with us is the memory of a much loved grandmother. Every summer was spent in her tiny 1800's house and sitting around her tiny table, I would learn the ins and out's of how a kitchen works. I was so in love with my grandmother and would just hang on every word, every instruction and every piece of advice she offered.

I learned how to bake doughnuts, homemade bread, fruit leather and even brownies. What I would do to go back in time to just sit at her table and listen to her stories. I would admire the pink curlers in her hair, enjoy hearing the creaking of her slopping hardwood floor and would again savor every second of just being with someone who loved me unconditionally. And it all happened in a kitchen. 

Shipping our rollings pins has two phases. One is quite literal...you print the packing sheets, prepare the pins and seal up the box. The second is a bit quiet and more sentimental that no one ever sees. A little wish is made to each pin...hoping it goes to a home where it can bring joy, a smile, love, fun and even a memory. 

Now go call your grandma and tell her you love her.