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F#$% Cancer

F#$% Cancer

$ 29.00

While we wouldn't classify this as a cute or even a sweet pin, it does get the message across. When a loved doesn't want to read another "get well" card, read an inspirational book or is just at wits end, give them something to laugh at. This rolling pin says it all. 

It feels a bit counter-intuitive to produce a product like this. As family members, business owners and people that I would consider to have a solid moral compass, it felt quite counter-intuitive to produce this rolling pin. Unfortunately I do know, as well all do, know too many friends and family who have experienced some form of cancer. They have all said, without a doubt and with much encouraging that we should sell this pin. Why? They all said because of the humor behind it. 

This is perfect for homemade sugar cookies, peanut butter roll out cookies, springerle cookies, flour and salt ornaments for the holidays, pottery to fondant! 

Rolling width is 10" x 2". Hand wash only.

Ships from Colorado, USA via 3 day USPS

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