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Outlaw Kitty

Outlaw Kitty

$ 29.99

This rolling pin is custom made for an amazing company called, Outlaw Kritters. One of their most popular line is called, Outlaw Kitty and you guessed it....a cool cat skull is their theme. Looking for an absolutely unique gift for yourself or a fellow cat lover? Look no further as they're sure to have it!

We met them at CatConLa 2016 and just couldn't resist working with two amazing owners as well as amazing logo. Seriously, how cool is this cat skull?

This rolling pin is designed for homemade sugar cookies, peanut butter roll out cookies, springerle cookies, fondant, pottery and so much more! Makes for a puurfect gift for the cat lover in your life!

A fun fact: half of our customers use the pin. The other half put it in their kitchen for display purpose. (We'll call them baking -wanna-bees). So don't worry if you don't bake. For sure this will become an amazing conversation piece!

Made in the USA. Ships via USPS 3 day priority mail. 

Now then...let's bake!