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Vanilla Extract Kit

Vanilla Extract Kit

$ 18.00

If you've purchased vanilla extract or even a single vanilla bean, you've probably been surprised at the cost. Would you believe us if we told you that making homemade vanilla is easy, fun and economical? With just a little bit of time and patience, you'll have homemade vanilla extract smelling soooo yummy you won't believe it!

There are a variety of vanilla beans grown in various parts of the world such as Madagascar, Indonesia, China, Mexico and Papau New Guinea. There are also two types of vanilla beans: Grade "A" and Grade "B". When creating vanilla extract, we opt for Grade "B" as it contains less water and is easier to achieve that yummy vanilla flavor!

In our vanilla kit, we're taking you to Mexico! We've partnered with Voladores Vanilla who say their vanilla has a tint of chocolate to it. Who's in? 

This kit arrives with:
- Two Voladores Vanilla pods
- Small glass jar
- Recipe card for making vanilla extract
- Recipe card for making Springerle Shortbread cookies