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About us

Kurt and Stacy are a husband and wife team who love to laugh. If they aren't busy crafting custom rolling pins, they are playing with their daughter Izzy and puppy Lily.

Being the tool guy he is, Kurt wanted to get a laser engraving machine. Stacy didn't think much about it other than it was another giant tool that would make her husband happy. Little did they both know their worlds would be turned upside down, sideways and shaken then stirred.

One product that resonated with them both was a simple rolling pin. They both liked the connotation of the pin...it reminded them of growing up, their grandmothers, sweet and rich aromas, aprons, and family time. 

Coming from software engineering and event planning, their opposing worlds made quite the symbiotic relationship. Kurt loves machines, engineering, and creating things. Stacy loves people, connection and stories. 

According to Kurt,  this is a highly functional, well crafted, solid product that can produce amazing results on homemade sugar cookies, fondant, springerle cookies, peanut butter roll out cookie to even pottery and fondant.

Stacy believes this is not only a functional kitchen tool but a symbol of sentiment. This is a hug from your grandmother, a warm fuzzy with your children or a walk down memory lane. Baking in the kitchen mean times with a loved one and hopefully, a delightful and sweet memory.

Regardless of how you see it, they both want you to love the pin as much as they do. Offering a 100% money back guarantee proves they believe in customer service and want their customers to become clients who then become friends. 

Thanks for stopping by!