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Sweet Rolling Pins is a laser engraving studio specializing in custom rolling pins. Yup, just like the one your grandmother used. 

Whether they be for the collector who showcase them proudly on the wall, the avid baker or weekend hobbyist, our pins are guaranteed to be a great conversation piece as well as functional tool for your kitchen.

We can't settle on just one mission statement so we're going with two. 

(1) to provide a practical, useful, well crafted, durable and fun kitchen tool to be used for many years to come

(2) to provide an experience. To us, baking is love and the act of baking for someone is a true gesture of sweetness, gentleness and kindness. Will this homemade gift bring a smile of delight to someones face? Will baking in the kitchen with a mom or dad create a memory of love and timelessness for your child? Is baking your pastime where it's finally quiet in the house and you get to blast your music and just have "me" time? Regardless, using one of our unique rolling pins is sure to add some fun to your life!