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Rabbits with Hearts Rolling Pin

Rabbits with Hearts Rolling Pin

$ 32.00

Have a wildlife lover? This rabbit rolling pin is perfect for those living on farms and raising rabbits, those who love them as pets or even those who just love them!

Buy one for yourself to enjoy a fun memory with your child, grandchild or heck...anyone who loves to bake. This is perfect for homemade sugar cookies, peanut butter roll out cookies, springerle cookies, gingerbread cookies, flour and salt ornaments for the holidays, pottery to fondant!

 Rolling width is 10" x 2". Hand wash only.

Ships from Colorado, USA via 3 day USPS

Let's bake!

*While this adorable pin is intended for the reasons listed, it is not intended for homemade pies. Well, kind of. Most pie bakers use Crisco and while the dough will look amazing, the images will bake out. For those of you who use a homemade shortbread based recipe, this rolling pin will work. Also, you can use the frozen roll out pie crusts as well. If you bake a pie with our pin, we’d love to see a picture! (and maybe grab your recipe to share with others)!