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The Journey to Bethlehem (Nativity Scene)

The Journey to Bethlehem (Nativity Scene)

$ 32.00

Nurture a lifetime of memories while baking cookies and sharing life and faith together in the kitchen! The Muddy Fork Pottery Studio (in Cincinnati) and Sweet Rolling Pins are delighted to present a set of specially designed engraved rolling pins paired with wondering questions and play-filled activity to further engage each story. 

This set includes:

  • "God's Promise to Noah"
  • "Journey to Bethlehem"
  • "The Shepherd and the Sheep"

Baking and being in the kitchen is a time to treasure. From making a mess with a young kiddo, baking quietly trying a new recipe or just enjoying the delightful smells that bring you back to childhood, our rolling pins are a fun tool for your kitchen and great conversation piece.

This adorable set of rolling pins is an absolute must have for you or the baker or potter in your life. Intended for homemade sugar cookies, springerle cookies, peanut butter roll out cookies, gingerbread cookies, fondant, flour and salt ornaments, pottery and plenty more! Or, if you don’t bake…not to worry. Simply put it on your kitchen counter to admire every day for cozy décor.

Wooden barrel measures 10" x 2".  Including handles, the entire pin measures 17 x 2. Hand wash only, dry with dish towel and let air dry. Ships from Colorado, USA via 3 day USPS. Arrives with a tried and true recipe and care instructions.

The Muddy Fork Pottery studio is a full service pottery studio specializing in all things faith based. IG and FB: themuddyfork 


P.S. While this adorable pin is intended for the reasons listed, it is not intended for homemade pies or cobblers. Well, kind of. Most pie bakers use Crisco and while the dough will look amazing, the images will bake out. For those of you who use a homemade shortbread based recipe, this rolling pin will work. Also, you can use the frozen roll out pie crusts as well. If you bake a pie with our pin, we’d love to see a picture!

P.S.S. We recently wrote a recipe book containing various recipes that work beautifully with our rolling pins called, Just Roll With It, Recipes for easy embossed cookies. Tried and true recipes all in one place – how sweet is that?