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LIfe is Sweet

11 May '16

Whoopsies! What happens when we mess up?

Posted by Kurt Krems

Ugh. What to do when a rolling pin comes off our machine and isn't perfect?  Simple, we donate!

It's true and happens more than you think. The error might be small, large or even unrecognizable to anyone other that ourselves but if it's not as perfect as can be...we donate it. Sometimes it's as silly as gluing the handle on backwards (which is a huge irritation)!  

Luckily for us we have an amazing art teacher at our elementary school who joyfully accepts our unusable pins and uses them for her pottery classes. As the cat rolling pin is our number one seller, she needless to say has an over abundance of cats! Luckily she knows other artists in various schools who are benefiting as well. We even donated a few to a day care center to see if they can make fun creations in Play Dough! 

Another side note and I shouldn't probably even write this but when we accidentally ship the wrong order out, (which yes...it happens in our excitement in fulfilling so many orders) we have a "pay it forward" policy. We were calling it the "no return policy" but that sounds to harsh doesn't it? Cut to the chase, we don't want to see any returned rolling pins at our studio!

You know that feeling of having ordered something online only to open the box with the wrong item in it. Hearts sink and irritation rises. 

We don't want to impose the frustration on our clients having to return the wrong pin so instead, we ask that they re-home it. So while we ship them the correct rolling pin, they can give the mistaken pin away as a "just because" gift to a friend, donate it to a school or a fellow baker. Now instead of feeling frustrated, they feel happy and uplifted knowing their new pin is en route and THEY paid it forward. 

Life is good, even when mistakes happen. :)