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LIfe is Sweet

23 Oct '19

Fantastic Facebook Resource: "Molded Cookies of the World- Artisan Bakers and Confections"

Posted by Kurt Krems

You know that feeling when you find a goldmine and you shake your head in denial that you've just discovered it? That's how I felt when I discovered an outstanding group on Facebook called, Molded Cookies of the World - Artisan Bakers and Confections".

If I haven't said it before, I'm not really a baker and for goodness sake, I'm certainly not a cook. But there's something about baking cookies that just plugs in my happy plug. I remember my grandma and the lazy days just spent around her kitchen table. She'd bake everything from donuts, cakes and pies to I'm imagining...cookies. Although I can't remember actually eating one of her cookies, I somehow adore cookies and they automatically remind me of her. 

Anyhow, I stumbled onto this Facebook group and I have learned so much. Almost daily there is a new post from a member posting their magnificent creations and the best part? There is a "file" section where you can select any of the recipes to use and try. From sugar cookies to names of cookies you cannot pronounce, there are recipes galore!

See that lovely picture with the flowers surrounding it? Nope, I didn't bake that masterpiece...but one day I will! One of the talented bakers from the FB group just recently posted that. Can you image going to a wedding, baby shower or an event and seeing something like that? It looks like art! 

I tried the Springerle Shortbread (below) recipe and oh my goodness, it was spectacular. Like me, you  may be a bit intimidated but one recipe at a time! 

As always, I'd love to see what's in your oven!

Happy baking!