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LIfe is Sweet

17 Oct '16


Posted by Stacy Krems in adopt, adoption, animal, animals, cat, dog, meow, purr


In all seriousness, we're a dog family. But...today we went to our local shelter because our daughter loves to play with the cats. We donate to the shelter, we donate old towels and stuffed animals and yes...even had our daughters birthday party there. (all from her passion of animals).

Over the course of years, I've build up some serious armor when it comes to self defense over the sweet purrs or the sad yelps of those helpless sweethearts. I kind of feel like I have an invisible super hero cape....like I'm immune to it all. I can walk the aisles, pet the animals, talk to them, reassure them and walk on without any emotion. (I really am a nice person here folks but I sure do seem heartless, hugh)? 

Well today, my cape....something went wrong. 

Today was especially hard as I wanted to take home all the cats and all the dogs. What's happened to me? Am I softening? Who am I? What's happening? Of course my daughter always finds a special animal on each visit that she's DYING to bring home. I quickly said "let's go" and somehow, by the grace of all things sweet and wonderful...we left. 

Despite arriving home safe and sound, sans any four legged animal, I do feel good that we donate. There have been some non profits around the US that we've donated our rolling pins to for silent auction of even volunteer events. That makes me feel so good that even though we aren't adopting a sweet addition, we're helping raise funds for the ever so important organizations that do.