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LIfe is Sweet

07 Apr '16

Holy Cow!

Posted by Stacy Krems in cows, sugar, sugar cookie

Holy Cow!

Once again, one of our fun loving customers made her peanut butter roll out cookies with our cow rolling pin. Look how cute these turned out! Wish she lived closer so I could taste test. She lives on a dairy farm...fitting hugh? Thanks Cathy from Wisconsin!

Not only do we encourage it but we love, I mean love it when people make something with our rolling pins and send us photos! We bake, bake some more and guess what...we bake even more! We try to use various recipes to try out and we love hearing feedback from our fellow bakers. We'd love to get our hands on your tried and true recipes.

It's so much more fun when we hear from you. Give us a ring or shoot us an email. We'd love to hear what you're up to!