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LIfe is Sweet

21 Oct '19

Pottery - who knew?

Posted by Kurt Krems in clay, holland, jill, pottery, twinkletree

Pottery - who knew?

When we first started making rolling pins, we thought they'd just be for cookies. That's what everyone bakes, right? Little did we know what started out with the purpose of baking cookies could morph into so much more. 

From sugar, springerle, shortbread, peanut butter, chocolate roll out cookies to even chocolate chipolte cookies, these pins are cute little work horses with all things sweet and sugary.

But when I befriended a potter named Jill Holland from Twinkletree Pottery, magic happened. You know when you meet someone and start talking, then you realize your world is really small? They have the same interests, you admire their talents and wonder why you never met them before? When you talk to one another your eyes start widening and you start talking over one another because you're so excited? Yup, this is Jill and me. 

Well she makes exquisite pottery. Her love of her work and interest in creating custom pottery is her true passion. From drawing in nature where she'll collect leaves and twigs to make imprints to using our rolling pins, they are true conversation pieces that bring joy and delight to all that see them!