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10 May '16

Kids Baking Party

Posted by Kurt Krems in baking, baking party, craft, crafting, party, pin, rolling, rolling pin, wooden

Kids Baking Party

I'm sure this is the case with you but if you have a kiddo in school,there are endless ways of raising money for your school. The trip to Washington D.C., new tablets for the first graders or smart boards for all classes. 

Our amazing elementary school in Morrison, Colorado was having a huge silent auction and crazy to say they raised about $30,000 in one night! Filled with fellow parents donating their crafts, wares and services and it was so fun to learn what other moms and dads do. Might I add to that moms and dads were quite unrecognizable from their daily sweat pants and ponytails to fancy, schmanzy real people!

So with great joy and a skip in our step we decided to donate a baking party for any fellow 3rd grader at our daughters school. Included in the package was a personalized apron as well as their choice of rolling pin. It could be one already in our inventory or they could have us customize one as well. 

I think for this party we had a panda bear, cats, turtles kissing cats, horses and a "made by" pin. It was so fun to see such an assortment and get an insight into what the little sweet girlies liked! 

Lasted about 2-3 hours and was certainly filled with lots of sugar and flour! Together we all prepared our trusted peanut butter roll out dough and took turns rolling out the dough with our new rolling pins. The girls found such pleasure in not only seeing the final product but were mesmerized with how the dough looked!  I love 9 year olds...while they're growing into mature little beings I still saw a few glimpses of sweet, little girls who giggled with such delight!

If this is something you would find fun for a birthday party or special event, we'd love to add some fun with our pins. Let us know and we'd be happy to give you a great price to ensure you have a fun and memorable event!