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LIfe is Sweet

Recipe Cards (Stack of 5)

Recipe Cards (Stack of 5)

$ 2.00

A key to great baking is having a sweet recipe! Store or create your favorite recipes on our adorable double sided recipe cards. Adorned with images used in our rolling pin designs, these are custom made...just like your custom creations! 

Measures 4 x 6 and arrives in plastic sleeve. 


We believe baking and being in the kitchen is a time to treasure. From making a mess with a young kiddo, baking quietly trying a new recipe or just enjoying the delightful smells that bring you back to childhood, our rolling pins are a fun tool for your kitchen and great conversation piece.

 P.S. We recently wrote a recipe book containing various recipes that work beautifully with our rolling pins called, Just Roll With It, Recipes for easy embossed cookies. Tried and true recipes all in one place – how sweet is that?